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COVID-19 & Family Visitations

Given the fluidity of this rapidly developing situation, we strongly encourage you to stay updated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and your respective County Health Department.

  • Stay in compliance with your local orders; see Santa Clara County Shelter-In-Place Order. Feel free to share any news or changes in current orders regarding the Coronavirus pandemic with the other parent. This will ensure you are both on the same page.

  • As much as possible, ensure that both houses work from home and school from home with no playdates, guests, family or friends coming over.

  • Try as much as possible not to exchange clothes, toys, books, or other items during the visitation exchange. If personal items are exchanged, the receiving parent should take efforts to sanitize the items prior to bringing it into his or her home.

  • Both houses are to commit to washing hands/sanitizing protocols.

  • Both households to agree on no playdates; instead participate in other activities with your child(ren) such as walks in nature and hiking. Remember when you go out for a walk, bike or go for a run near your home, you must maintain at least 6 feet of distance from others who are not members of your household.

  • If a household member has an acute respiratory illness symptoms (i.e. cough, shortness of breath) or become sick, they should self-isolate in a different room and call a physician immediately. Contact the other parent to let them know.

  • Contact the other parent immediately if you or a household member is exposed to COVID-19. This may mean you might have to modify the existing timeshare schedule for a short period given the level of exposure.

Keep in mind this is only temporary and as such remain flexible to modify your timeshare schedule based upon the varying circumstances.

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