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Experience Matters!

Amanda - Burlingame, CA

I have and worked with other Attorneys prior to hiring Ms. Amato. So I am very familiar with the legal process, attorneys personality and know how. While I anticipated a stressful process, my expectations were exceeded by her knowledge, ability and control over the case, the other attorney and the Court. I would highly recommend her.


Greg - San Jose, CA

Won my case!

I really liked her. She was very good. She fought for what I wanted. It's not too often you meet attorneys who know the law, can fight and are real people too. So it is nice so meet someone who is a real person and knows the real issues.


Sunny - Livermore, CA

I had a great experience with Samira handling my family law matter.  Samira has made me feel safe and has allowed me to put trust in an attorney, who by word of mouth from others, I was told would work well on my case.  She proved to be quick and even if last minute, getting the result which works best, even if it is a settlement the night before trial. She is culturally aware. She will work tirelessly and endlessly up until judgment day in court: that's why I like this lawyer; she actually cares about her clients and the outcome of the case.  She was given another one of my related matters on very short noticed and again, was able to get a favorable outcome to ensure my best interests and security.  With these two separate but related matters I actually thank God for sending me a lawyer who worried about my situation just as much as I did.


Jim - San Jose, CA

I've used Law Office of Samira Amato for my legal issues a few times. Ms. Amato was the attorney on my cases. First was for my business dispute with my partner and second was my dissolution/nullity action. I was very happy each time. She was very professional, caring, and fair; I was completely satisfied and pleased with the results of my cases. 

If I need further legal representation I will for sure use Ms. Amato the future.


John - San Jose, CA

Very aggressive in court, no none sense attorney.


Family Law Client - Redwood City, CA

My vote of confidence - 5.0 stars

I really enjoyed working with her. She was very familiar with my case, the details of it and her way around the Court process. One thing I liked about her is that she really cared.

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