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Businesses run into many issues involving real estate.  All businesses need a place from which to operate.  Therefore, from purchasing a building or a piece of property to dealing with a commercial lease, every business will, at some point, need an experienced real estate attorney.

The Law Offices of Samira Amato helps businesses with their real estate issues.  Ms. Amato can assist you by looking at any real estate sale or purchase contracts that you are given, and by negotiating some of the terms to better suit you.  She can help you with any escrow issues that come up - whether your escrow account is not large enough or whether you have been placing too much money in escrow.  If a sale goes bad, she can help you with any litigation that may result. 

Ms. Amato is very familiar with commercial leases and the usual terms and conditions that can be found in them.  She can review your commercial lease and help you renegotiate any terms that are not to your benefit.  She can also assist you if you are sued for not following the commercial lease.  And she can help you as well if terms of the lease become an issue later on.

As a service to her business clients, Ms. Amato will also look at any contracts that you are contemplating entering into for the purchase or sale of your residential real estate.  She can help you by negotiating the terms of those purchases and sales as well.

When you have business related real estate issues, contact the firm.  Ms. Amato will set up a free initial consultation with you to explore the issues involved and give you an idea of what she can do for you and what it will cost.  Find out how Ms. Amato's expertise and skill can help you with your real estate issues.

"I am in real estate development and I never buy anything unless the contract is reviewed by Samira. "


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