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Another side of the business practice at the Law Offices of Samira Amato is the civil litigation practice.  Ms. Amato handles all sorts of civil litigation throughout the state of California.  She will file a suit on your behalf or defend you against a suit brought against you, depending on the circumstances.

Samira Amato's expertise in business law allows her to understand what your business is concerned with in bringing or defending a suit.  She knows the current state of case law dealing with many business issues and can tell you how that case law may affect the outcome of your case. 

Most civil cases end up settling, and as long as a settlement can be agreed to that is acceptable to both parties, it allows for a more cost-effective and quicker close to a case.  Samira Amato can negotiate a settlement in your case because she has the experience and skill to understand what a case is worth and the creativity to come up with different solutions to business problems.  Not every case can settle, however. If an acceptable settlement offer is not negotiated in your case, you can be assured that Samira Amato will take your case to a court or jury trial and make sure that your side is heard.  Ms. Amato is an effective negotiator, but she is also an aggressive trial attorney who will not give up until her client's case has been presented in its best light.

All types of business matters can result in litigation.  In the employment arena, you may have an employee who has breached a confidentiality agreement or who has violated a non-compete clause.  All contracts are subject to interpretation, and when the parties to the contract start interpreting the contract differently, litigation is often inevitable.  In other circumstances, you may have not had a written contract with someone, relying instead on an implied or verbal contract that now will have to be pieced together for the court. Real estate brings its own set of litigation possibilities, especially where escrow is involved.  And Ms. Amato can defend worker's compensation cases that are brought against your business as well.

If you are facing litigation with your business, you want to have a tough, aggressive trial attorney in your corner.  Contact the Law Offices of Samira Amato today to discuss how she can help you with your case.

"Samira helped us avoid a long and arduous litigation process which could have potentially cost us a lot of money.   She is one of the few lawyers who really cares for her clients."


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