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Choosing the appropriate entity to organize your business as can be a difficult decision.  As a start-up, you need to know the pros and cons of each type of business entity to make sure that you are selecting the entity that makes the most sense for your situation.  Or if your business has been going well and has grown - you may want to explore other ways to organize your business to handle its growth.  Adding new principals to your business may also affect the way in which it is organized.

Samira Amato is uniquely qualified to help you select an appropriate legal entity for your business and to draft the appropriate paperwork. She will take the time to explain each form that your business can take and why you would choose one over another. 

Once you have decided on the correct business entity for your situation, Ms. Amato can draft the proper paperwork to create that entity.  Everything from a sole proprietorship to a professional corporation and every task from drafting articles of incorporation and bylaws to registering your business name can be taken care of by the Law Offices of Samira Amato.  She will make sure that the paperwork is filed correctly and that any additional steps, such as publication, are followed to insure that your business concern has been formed correctly.

Ms. Amato is able to help businesses of all sizes and all configurations.  Contact the firm to schedule a free initial consultation and find out what your options are and what costs will be involved.  Use Ms. Amato's expertise and skill to get your business off to a good start.

"Samira helped register our first family business.  Since then, she's been our lawyer for all of our business needs.   We highly recommend her if you are a business owner." 


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