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The Law Offices of Samira Amato has a general business and commercial law practice that is second to none.  This practice is solely related to the needs of the firm's business clients.  Ms. Amato has experience negotiating and drafting leases for commercial property.  She can also assist you with selling your business, including working out any issues about "selling" your business's reputation and good name in the marketplace


Ms. Amato handles disputes over sales contracts and other contracts.  She will meet with the other side to try and work out an agreement as to what a particular contract meant.  However, if an agreement cannot be made on the issue, she will take the matter to trial for you, presenting your interpretation of the contract to either judge or jury.  She will help the judge or the jury understand why your reading of the contract is the correct way to read the contract.

The high-tech world of the Silicon Valley requires special consideration in drafting employee contracts.  Whether you are looking for a non-compete agreement for your employees to sign or a trade secret confidentiality agreement, Ms. Amato can prepare the language that will help you protect your business against problems with your employees.

All of your general business law needs handled in one firm.  Everything from drafting contracts to negotiating lease agreements can be expedited through the Law Offices of Samira Amato, located in San Jose, California.  Contact the firm to set up your free initial consultation.

"Our startup's intellectual property was being hijacked by another company.   Mrs. Amato saved us from ruin.   Words cannot describe our gratitude."


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